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Well the thing's in Milan

So last Tuesday at my internship my supervisor comes up and asks me about my availability to go to a meeting on Wednesday. I have 6 hours of class on Wednesday and so I told him I really couldn’t do it. Then he says, “Well the thing is, it’s in Milan.” Done. Sent in my homework and took a quiz and less than 24 hours later I had landed in Milan. Wednesday morning I flew out with a girl who had just finished her internship at Aspect and we got to Milan at about noon. We had about 4 hours to wander around the city before we were briefed about the event (which was just taking notes at a dinner about broadband) and then the event started at 6 and lasted until a little after midnight with debriefing and everything. The next morning I went out with two other interns who were there from the Paris Aspect office and we wandered around a little. It was fun because their English was much better than mine, but they were more comfortable speaking in French so most of the day they spoke to me in French and I would speak to them in English- but we could all understand each other just fine! Overall Milan was nice, but it’s a very industrial city and wasn’t super pretty.

Then at noon I took the metro to Milano Centrale where I caught a train to Florence to see Molly, my roommate at Macalester! Florence was gorgeous and a super cute small city. I spend the rest of the day with her and her friends having dinner, going out to some clubs, and just hanging out and catching up. I left early afternoon the next day.

It was such a random event but such an amazing opportunity! Now I have EXTREMELY high expectations for the rest of my internship.





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