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winkelen in Antwerpen! (or, shopping in Antwerp!)

For our first weekend without CIEE-scheduled plans, a small group of us decided to go to Antwerp! Just a metro and a train ride away (7.5 Euro round trip on the weekends, awesome deal!) we were there in around 45 minutes. We took the 8:30 AM train out and came back by 5:00 because we were all so exhausted from walking. We basically just shopped and ate our way around to city. To begin, the Antwerp train station has one of 3 Starbucks in the country (the other two are inside the terminals at the Brussels National Airport), so of course that was my first stop.

If they build it I will come...

After we hit that up we went walking around and made our way to the main shopping street. Antwerp is known (according to wikipedia) in the fashion world for the “Antwerp six” who were a bunch of fashion designers from a fashion school in Antwerp and really influenced the fashion world with their avant garde style. One girl in our small group and I went to a hat museum they had there, and the woman in front of us in line had extra tickets and gave us hers!

After that we had some waffles (of course, like all good Belgians) and got back on the train!


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